About Us

About us:

We have met some incredible people while volunteering at fundraisers that help researchers find a cure for ALS. The resiliency that we see in the people who fight this disease on a daily basis is amazing.

We want to do our part and make sure that the money we raise skips the middle man organization and goes directly to help fund research.

A portion of all proceeds go to help find a cure for ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). For all products sold, a donation will be made directly to the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC. Their Mission is very simple. Find a cure for ALS.

We are building our own "section" called Section 4. We want you to stand together in our section against this horrible disease. The 4 represents the # worn by Lou Gehrig and reminds us of his courage.

We have created shirts and wristbands and will be rolling out more products in the near future.

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